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"and now i tell you openly, you have my heart so don’t hurt me, you’re what i couldn’t find."


Shy & Sad Spring

Natalie Foss

"All I know," he said, "all I have ever known is that there is just enough magic in me to do me no good." He drew a deep breath and held himself erect as she. "Your children found me in a tree, where I was looking for a certain branch, once strong enough to take my weight. I thought I had at last found the right one, but it broke and I fell at their feet. Do you understand me now?"

Mourra heard a strange sound in her mother’s throat: a muffled click, as of a soft lock closing. The magician said, “I had been searching for some while. It is not as simple as one might suppose. Not just any tree or branch will do for a man with my…blessings.”


"Your son said it - magicians do tricks. I was weary of tricks before he was born." His laugh sounded as painful as though his throat and his mouth were full of glass. "Before you were born.”

It’s a short story, I don’t want to type all of it out.  I love this darker side to Schmendrick’s story that is only danced around in The Last Unicorn. (via nasnann)





Michael Kors FW 14

/post/93133652431/what-do-you-first-notice-about-a-girl i dont realize whats going on can you please explain

i havent actually seen the video yet but that’s such a ridiculous thing to look at first shoes like as if anyone would look at the shoes first


Owl John (Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit) - Floating in the Forth